More About this website: Here you will learn how to install WhatsApp on a Apple Mac Computer. WhatsApp for Mac will work on any Mac Book Pro, Apple Mac Pro, iMac. Follow the easy download and install guide and WhatsApp messenger will be working for your Mac Computer.

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We named our Guide WhatsApp MAC. It is a three step guide to get whatsapp messenger on any apple mac computer.
Update 2013 – there is another great guide foung on ApptechBlog on the topic of WhatsApp for MAC – please visit the site here for this awsome new guide.
We will get WhatsApp working on any compatible MAC using an Android emulator. One witch is great to use and free is bluestacks.Our site will show you a proven method to install and get whatsapp for your Apple Mac computer. Everyone seems to be utilizing whatsapp onsmatphones, why not on Mac’s?.  We could will show you to download and install WhatsApp on a Mac.
WhatsApp on Mac

Apple Mac With WhatsApp on It

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Our Guides will show you where to whatsapp for mac download pages. Also note our gide is compatible with any Apple mac OSX10 or later. This means whatsapp will work on a macbook pro.


Nowadays everybody either owns a type of expensive smart phone or they own a laptop or computer. The Apple Mac computer is extremely popular. Some of the owners of an Apple Mac is either a teenager, a college student, a university student, a businessman or a business woman. It will now be easier to stay in touch using Whatsapp Messenger for Mac. If you are unfamiliar with the Whatsapp Messenger application, here is a quick run down.


What is Whatsapp Messenger?


Whatsapp Messenger Messenger is a cross-platform messaging application that allows you to send and receive messages wirelessly whether or not your friends and family have a smart phone or a personal computer. As long as they have the Whatsapp Messenger installed and activated. It is also important to ensure you have a 3G or WiFi connection.


Why is Whatsapp Messenger a great application to have on your Mac?


Whatsapp Messenger on your Mac is a great alternative for if you are in the business environment and you need to reply to a message urgently. It may look extremely unprofessional to pull out your smart phone during a meeting or lecture. It is also a convenient way to send items from your Mac to a contacts phone. Having Whatsapp Messenger on your Mac is going to make your life much easier.


How do you install Whatsapp Messenger on your Mac?


Your best bet to installing Whatsapp Messenger on your Mac would be to install a program called ‘Bluestacks’. All you need to do is search for it on a search engine (eg: Google). Bluestacks allows you to run Android applications on your personal computer or laptop.


What disadvantages will you experience when downloading Whatsapp on your computer


The main downfall to downloading and installing Whatsapp Messenger on your mac is that you can only use your cell phone number once on a server. If you verify your cell phone number on your Mac you will be unable to use that same cell phone for Whatsapp on your smart phone. If you want to use it on your smart phone you will need to reverify it and then you will be unable to use it on your personal computer or laptop. If you reverify your cell phone number to many times your account will be disabled for security reasons. On a smart phone a verification sms will be sent but this will not happen if you are using it on your personal computer using a landline. To get your verification code, wait ten minutes and then click a button to have your verification code given to you via a phone call by an computer generated voice. You arfe now able to download Whatsapp Messenger to your mac using Windows 7 Bootcamp with the YouWave Android Emulator. Alternatively you can also follow the link below to find out how to do it and to do it aswell.

Many people prefer communicating with their personal computer or laptop. Some feel that a phone is meant to send and receive sms’s and be used for phone calls only so this would be a great way to communicate using Whatsapp on their Apple Mac computer. It is easy to use and has friendly settings.

To use all the possible features connected to Whatsapp Messenger you will need to ensure you have the Mac OS available along with a 3G or WiFi connection. You don’t need to feel like you are missing anything when you don’t have Blackberry Messenger with Whatsapp for Mac you can do everything that BBM does all from your personal computer or laptop. It will run silently on your computer or laptop and it uses push notifications to notify you when you have a pending message. You can send messages, audio files, video files and even image files. You can send your location, contact information and even business cards. You will have a tick next to your message which means it has been delivered, once it displays two ticks it means that your message has been read. While your contact is replying to your message it will say ‘writing message…’. Whatsapp Messenger for Mac is free to download and is free for the first year, after that you will need to pay a small fee yearly. Download Whatsapp for your Mac today!